Fire Extinguishers Plymouth

Arch Fire Systems cover all aspects of Fire Extinguishers for Businesses in Plymouth & the South West.

Fire Extinguishers for Business Premises

In order to keep your business, staff and customers safe from fire damage and prevent harm, trust Arch Fire Systems to install, commission, maintain and inspect your Fire Extinguishers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall, from Land’s End, right through to Barnstaple.

Fire Extinguishers Plymouth - Multiple Red Extinguishers - Arch Fire Systems

Fire Extinguisher Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance

Our Fire Extinguisher installation technique adheres to safety standards, whilst commissioning guarantees that your extinguishers function effectively. Our regular maintenance service detects and fixes any possible issues, ensuring your fire extinguishers in Plymouth and the surrounding areas of the South West are always ready to operate. Trust us to provide rapid response times, meticulous attention to detail, and unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction. Protect your assets with our unrivalled services.

Fire extinguishers require an annual inspection from a competent person to comply with British Standards BS5306-3. Arch Fire Systems prioritise your safety above all. With years of industry experience and skilled professionals, we ensure a seamless and efficient process.

Fire Extinguishers Plymouth - Powder Fire Extinguisher - Arch Fire Systems

Which Fire Extinguishers Do We Need for Our Business?

It is imperative that businesses have fire safety precautions in place, including the correct fire extinguishers for your type of business. There are several classes of fire extinguisher available, and Arch Fire Systems will use their expert knowledge to advise you on the requirements for your particular premises. This will depend upon the size and layout of the premises, plus any equipment/ processes you may carry out on site.

We not only provide Fire Extinguishers in Plymouth and the surrounding areas of the South West, but Arch Fire Systems can deliver the complete package, including Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting, Firetrace & Gaseous Suppression, Fire Safety Training and Fire Risk AssessmentCall our friendly team for further information, and/or to discuss your business needs.

Do you require Fire Extinguishers, Maintenance or Annual Inspection?