Emergency Lighting Plymouth

Emergency Lighting in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall, for Businesses.

Emergency Lighting for Commercial Business Use

Arch Fire Systems are skilled and proficient in the design, installation and maintenance of Emergency Lighting for commercial business needs across Plymouth and the South West, serving areas in Devon & Cornwall from Land’s End, right through to Barnstaple.

Emergency Lighting Plymouth - Fire Exit Lights - Arch Fire Systems

A Statutory Requirement for Your Business

Emergency lighting is a statutory requirement for all commercial businesses, and should therefore, be a non-negotiable when preparing a business plan or maintaining a business property.

We will ensure you stay compliant with the British Standard BS 5266, enabling you to ensure your property, staff, visitors and customers are taken care of, by way of necessary safety precautions. Emergency lighting is a critical component often overlooked in many safety plans. It forms the backbone of a safe evacuation, such as when fire alarms are activated, illuminating paths, should regular lighting fail due to power outages or other emergencies. Safety remains at the forefront of our operations, integrating cutting-edge lighting technology efficiently and seamlessly.

Emergency Lighting Plymouth - Ceiling Lighting - Arch Fire Systems

Experienced Electrical Engineers

Our dedicated team of experts works closely with you to create customised solutions, tailored to adhere to your unique needs and setting. With experienced electrical engineers ensuring an active preventive maintenance programme, our services are designed to eliminate potential failures before they occur.

With Arch Fire Systems, you gain more than just a service – securing reliability, efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Our rapid response times, industry-grade equipment, and stringent safety standards ensure your emergency lighting system runs flawlessly when you need it most. Choose us for your Emergency Lighting in Plymouth and the South West. Experience peace of mind, with our comprehensive Emergency Lighting design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance service.

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